I have for some time sat on numerous photos and documents, and for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which was the secret, not really dealt with much of it. Much of this includes things my Mother wrote, some of which were published, and some quite possibly sent to others, and some quite possibly inserted in the folder.  I have decided to get rid of the ratty green folder, but in so doing to share with all the world, at least those who want to read it, the contents of the folder. I have scanned and typed as best I can. I don’t have a lot of dates, however I imagine most of this dates for the period of the 1980’s and 90’s.

My Mother was not perfect, and neither am I. She did some good, she did some bad, and she quite possibly did a whole lot better than many thought she would.

I have found it an interesting and constructive exercise to look at Mum’s writing afresh. Much of it says much about her, her commitment and task focus to the work of the Save the Children Fund, and her reactions and and responses the plight of the poor in developing nations. There is not a lot about Peter and their children, which is perhaps in keeping with her being task focussed.

Some of her poetry is quite good (in a literary sense), and some a little tedious. It reflects something of her background as she understood it, and an awareness of the comparative affluence she enjoyed. Mum was well read, and this is reflected in her writing. She did make up the odd word, however she also managed to use words that we may not be as familiar with.

I have tried to correct as little as possible, though Mum’s spelling may not have been as good as she has given me to believe.

Her final letter to her children asked that we ‘think kindly of her’ and in undertaking this task I have to admit I have thought kindly of her – perhaps more than I expected to.

Biographical Dates

6th May, 1923. Born Pamela Marion Goodland in Aylesbury UK.

1st April, 1950. Married Christopher Courtney

24th March 1951. Changed Name by deed poll to Barrington

29th April 1951. Left England bound for Australia with Peter Francis Barrington.

28th May 1951. Arrived in Australia.

July 1951, Moved to Barraba NSW.

January 1952. Birth of Son – Philip

10th December 1952. Decree Absolute Christopher Courtney

October 1956. Birth of Son – Simon

? December 1956. Moved to Canberra ACT.

February 1958. Birth of Daughter – Ollie

January 1961. Birth of Son – Dominic

? September 1963. Moved to Sydney NSW.

Worked with SCF as NSW Honorary Secretary (mid 1960’s till mid 1990’s)

16th June 1979. Awarded MBE for services to the Save the Children Fund

Moved to Toolijooa (near Berry NSW – a 10 year process begun in the early 1980’s)

9th February 1997. Death of Peter Francis Barrington.

8th October 2007. Died in Nowra as a result of an Aortic Conclusion in Berry that day.

12th October 2007. Funeral at St Luke’s Berry.