Easter is when the great and awesome majesty of Azrael
The all powerful and all merciful Angel of Death
Occupies our thoughts as we prepare on sad Good Friday
For the glorious dawning of Easter Day and the Risen Lord.

If it was your child who had so little time on earth
Would you not yearn for a longer life and a good one?
You would want fun and love filled days of laughter-
Not sorrow, tragedy, hunger and the Four Horsemen.

No one should be so hungry that Death is a welcome friend,
There should not be such a crippling imbalance in our world.
Faults there are on all sides, but our faults seem to disappear.
The poor are condemned to live with poverty or die with it.

Yet here in a lovely country, recession hit, drought stricken
We feel that no one is truly in need of food and clothing.
But a million people are unemployed, 10% of the work force,
Or more. They know what Third world conditions are like.

They know that it is their ‘fault’ for that is what we say –
Didn’t listen or learn at school; have too many babies;
Too much dole; too little to do; Satan finds mischief still.
The staggering rate of violence against women and children escalates.

Compassion, empathy, generosity and above all no pointing,
No finger of blame or shame to be laid at anyone’s door.
Kind, caring, compassionate and loving friends are needed
To help figure out a way from a wilderness of thorny problems.

Give for those in need whether overseas or here in Australia.
The widow’s mite is always an almighty lot set against nothing,
And when you have made your contribution to help the needy,
May a glorious Easter morning dawn with wild bells ringing.

Pam Barrington MBE

There is another poem with a similar name, though in content quite different.