My land is green, my land is happy –
Everything for the best in a perfect world
If I could but turn my back on misery.
If – ah my friends and ah my foes – IF.

Too many children are born to live sadly, .
To be poor, undernourished and abused.
Never to know the joy of carefree laughter
Old before their time as adults care not.

To turn the back is a symbolic act of denial,
It says that love is reserved for special days
Not that love is what makes all the world kin
And all our children very special children.

My land is the land of Australia Felix,
Where sad things that should not, do happen.
And if they occur here where we have so much
Dare we imagine what happens elsewhere.

To be poor here is hopelessly grim and awful
To be third world rurally poor is ghastly
Beyond all the powers of our imagination to see –
Yet children suffer, cope and some come through.

That so many live happy, productive lives
Is one of the greatest tributes to what we call
The triumph of the human spirit over adversity.
It is heart warming, stirring and faith making.

I have, seen children with huge sad eyes – looking –
I have seen children with swollen bellies in a famine –
I have seen misery and loving concern shining out
And I have wished for a magic wand to make a11 better.

One magic wand is people’s compassion
As they dig deep into well used pockets
To find that extra little bit that will help
To make things better for one child more.

We will use your money we11 and carefully,
We know it just doesn’t grow on trees,
And when you give so generously and kindly
We honour that obligation and care for children.

As all the southern hemisphere shivers in winter
And our friends in the north enjoy their summer,
Let us remember it is still one little world
And the only one that ever we will have.

If we felt that every child was the only one,
We would do so much, so quickly and so well –
Could we not pretend it is just one only child
And give to make it seem like heaven on earth for one.

Pam Barrington MBE