Somebody else’s child, somebody else’s problem – let me pass by unknowing.
But is it so really, is it always someone else and who is that someone
If your heart and mind and purse get involved, maybe a child will recover,
Will not try drugs, share needles, become involved in pornography and worse.

Brought up my kids ok without help from anyone else, we managed it fine
So why can’t they? “My mum and dad had to struggle with a grim depression
But they managed it fine so why can’t they?” It’s a different world is one thing
But you who say this are the survivors the ones who managed to get through.We deal with the ones who aren’t managing and believe me in your day they existed.
Maybe you didn’t hear or know or find out, but they were around as they are now.
Harden not your heart against the youngster who needs to be protected well,
But at least get behind people who put themselves into caring for non relations.

Love thy neighbour as thyself; love thine enemy; we have to thank the Lord
that he didn’t ask us to like our neighbour and our enemy, but just to love them.
Loving is much easier than liking, and yet it is our loving of other children
That will bring such rewards as we see another life and another child rescued.