Have honour and decency and loving care gone
Are we in a world of whirling, loathsome hatred,
Are children to be pushed aside even further –
As we trumpet their Rights and ignore reality.

The world is a pleasant place for many of us –
Rain at the right time, sun, wind, cool weather.
It would seem that for most people the world
Is a poor travesty of what it really should be.

It doesn’t really matter if the child is Sudanese,
Ethiopian (it cannot change its skin) Liberian,
Mozambican, Angolan, Arab, Muslim, Christian –
or good old Callithumpian – the hungry must fed.

For every giant step forward in caring for the needy,
There are small slips backward but progress
comes as we strive to do our best – with your help
For children who are so powerless and so small.

It is that very littleness and lack of strength
That excites the compassionate concern of the strong.
We MUST fight for the right of a11 children to grow
Tall, free and utterly without fear of any man.

We have all sorts of bright ideas on what should be done
-I sometimes wonder if it’s ‘do as I say’ not ‘do as I do’
As I find it very hard to believe that I am so unusual
When I don’t fit the stereotypes mooted for today.

When children are hungry, with stick legs and no tears
They are close to death who will seem to be a friend –
And surely no child should have to feel like that.
It really takes very little to feed a child, save a life.

Save a life – what for? So we help develop potential,
So maybe that child will be the one who will save us all,
Who will have the brilliant ideas that will make our world
Lovely, pleasant green and full of shining clouds of glory.

Help us to achieve that sort of crazy Utopian ideal
For most of us are good and kind and filled with love
For children – and for your own hearts and souls sakes
Be generous, share your loaf and flowers – God Bless.

Pam Barrington MBE