I lost my love.and I lost my heart at Waters Meet,
Where all the little rivers run through verdant land;
Perchance I may find a love and give again my lively heart
At Pillows Green near Tewkesbury’s golden hymn of praise.

My heart was as one with the masons and builders of yore, .
Who raised great solid, yet ethereal, worship places,
So that still the Holy and Indivisible Trinity of God,
Speaks to all mankind in Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester.

By round Norman arches snagged with teeth of the hound,
And mighty pillars etched with the masons marks;
Perpendicular extensions as God’s word and people grew.
I walked, silenced by the awful majesty of Him.

Our little concerns are just that – little concerns,
Beside the illimitable span of the centuries –
Ten thousand years are as nothing in his sight
And yet he knows the sparrows – and the ache in the heart.

Across the watered green heartland of old England,
Live still the memories of men who gave without thought of return.
Now bursts into merry paen of praise and rich green leaf,
Oak, Ash and Thorn, Hornbeam, Elm and Beech.

At Bosworth Field where gallant Richard was cruelly slain-
Still flies the standard of the·Boar with York’s Rising Sun,
And five hundred years after the Tudor usurper defamed him
The Fellowship of the White Boar sees that honour is done his name.

And I – who lost my love and broke my heart all those miles away,
Must needs find yet again a love to love with love surpassing,
And surely at delightful memory tickling little Pillows Green
I can find such a love, and give again my selig, roaming heart.