DEAR BAZZ AND DEAR PILKO of the great big hearts
Sad we are and so are all the children..
Whose lives have been brightened by your care~
As you sought donations from your public for kids.

Margaret up in the Crows Nest selling like mad .
To people who come in to see because Bazz said to.
Or Pilko ordered a buying spree at the SCF Shop.
As all the profits are for the welfare of children.

We thank you for the time you have given freely·
For your ‘its no problem to help’ attitudes
We wish you much happiness as the years go by
You carry our thanks and good wishes with you~

We too are so grateful always to our dear Heather
Whose concern and love for children overflows.
We are glad she interested you in our great work,
We thank you for caring about everyone’s kids.

Yours sincerely
Hon. secretary