Poets have sung of the beauty of Scotland,
Artists have painted the heather So Purple,
Soldiers and kings have fought over the border.
And the wild border lords seem like heroes today.

North, north, and yet further north
Lies the wild land of the Highlander,
O’f the kilted laird and plaided mountaineer.
Highland clan chiefs seem like heroes today.

Search the wild countries of the wide world,
And always the Scot will be there;
Thriving and striving in the wind of the Kush
And silently awestruck in Broken Moon Land.

Trewed he stands as if kilted again,
The tartan so real, so vivid and true.
Hard bitten men of the land of the south
Recognised with joy the Highland Mackay.

Highland complexion and highland voice,
Gentled o’er with sounds of the south,
As he told on the horrors of famine so foul,
And the little children who died, without hope.

T0 them he could bring health and life
Garnered from well furnished pockets.
But the never ceasing, ever increasing tide of misery
Tore him apart, in his being and soul. ‘

His home, his hearth, his life , his castle
Freely offered in service to others
As soldier, warrior, carer and worker.
He lit up a dark room as he entered.

Graham of Claverhouse, Bonnie Dundee,
James the great Earl of Montrose,
Wild border brds, proud clan chiefs,
Hugh Mackay of that ilk ranks in your company.

A heart as tender and soft as a woman’s,
Hidden, nay buried neath exterior hard;
He knows the stern daughter of the voice of God –
And duty laid out the path he should follow.

He gave unstintingly, never counting the cost
Of time, and self and mind and heart,
Because all that he loved aid that mattered to him
Was contained in a village in England so fair.

From thence he drew strength and peace,
There he could sprawl and sleep deep.
Rest and relax, snore, yawn and grunt,
Because there he was loved with a love beyond sense.

Worthy of love because his heart was so clean,
Deserving of peace because his hands were so caring.
Trusted beyond reason by a11 who looked on him,
Hugh Mackay is indeed Man for all Seasons and Lands.