Melaleuca, Melaleuca,
Paperbarks so honey sweet,
Bee laden blossoms in sun –
Melaleuca, Melaleuca.

A warm and happy land of
Milk and honey flowing.
There can be no sorrow here
For we are the rich of earth.

Believe that if you can and
Ignore the needy at your peril.
For some it is heaven on earth
For many it’s a foretaste of hell.

Perhaps they were right when they told
Of needles, rich men and heaven’s gate;
If so some of us have enjoyed the best –
The rest will get their reward in heaven.

They used to say that all the time,
It kept people content, accepting of their lot –
God so ordained, raise not eyes or life style;
He also said not to bury talents but use them.

But that is not fair to the millions
Who wait like Lazarus for fallen crumbs.
For we who arrogantly sit on Australia
Are the rich man who must give to Lazarus.

We cannot dish out crumbs of left over charity.
It must be fresh, warm, straight from our hearts.
As we welcome brothers and sisters to table
To share all the good things that life offers.

Please help us to give with love and dignity,
Let your gift be honey-sweet as Melaleuca.
Remember nothing is as precious as a child –
And let that thought be your guiding light.

Pam Barrington MBE