The future of the world is its children –
We have our three score years and ten
And then we go out into the dark night
Leaving behind the next generation.

If they are not there, then the world ceases.
Maybe the animals stay, cockroaches surely,
But the bright and busy minds of children,
The lithe and lissom bodies will have gone.

Children, little laughing babes and toddlers,
Should not have to endure the terrors of war
And the agonies of hunger and starvation –
To go to bed replete each night is a birthright.

We can all light a candle of optimism and hope,
We can give the money that makes it possible
For the nurses and doctors to take medicines
And help with the fair distribution of food aid.

When emergencies that bring horrors tO the tv
Have gone away ,there is still education for all –
To teach good husbandry, health and hygiene
And help with schooling – an educated population.

All the children want is a commitment to them
From everyone in the world who recognises
The glory of the childhood that belongs to all.
For the sake of a child won’t you give something.