I lilted my lullaby on the banks of the Lachlan –
chiding oh chiding so tender and sweet,
Turbulent waters run swiftly; green is the field
Pastures and meadows.

What am I doing in a land alien and strange,
When my heart lies in a cool green land far away.
This continent is one that cares not for people,
But lives as it dreams, remote and alone.

If I was singing and freeing my weird on Limpopo
Would I be happier or would the sinister mix
That is Africa today darken my soul’s wild longing
For beauty, truth, honour and justice.

Oh Somalia cries my heart and Ethiopia still,
Sudan and Angola, Mali and Zimbabwe,
Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique
What hell do those people there face today.

Easter comes and we pray to Him who died for us
Who died that we might have eternal life
For that promise, then we owe justice to all
And above all, the children, innocent and pure.

Join us as we bring comfort, food and hope
To the needy of the world who are desperate .
We have so much, can we let them die of want
Light the candle and show the way to Paradise .