Board members, staff and voluntary workers who knew and loved Cec and Muriel Short gathered at Jebb House for a small party to mark their 60th wedding anniversary this
year. Some were unable to attend but sent love. Joyce Leavett Brown took a souvenir picture and we are all so pleased that it came out so well and dear Cec and dear Muriel look fine.

Enid Griffith gave the editor a copy of Noel Coward’ s last poem written not long before he died which is most gladly shared with you all.

When I have fears as Keats had fears
Of the moment I’ll cease to be,
I console myself with vanished years,
R.emembered laughter, remembered tears ,
And the peace of the changing sea .

When I feel sad, as Keats felt sad
That my life is so nearly done,
It gives me comfort to dwell upon
Remembered friends who are dead and gone
And the jokes we had and the fun.

How happy they are I cannot know,
But happy am I who loved them so.