Children are so fragile, such tender little necks
Like stems of the windflower – broken they lie
Unfulfilled like some village Hampden – life wasted
Or some Elizabeth Fry – her life blanked out.

We squander recklessly 40,000 children every day –
No man is an island the death of every single child
Diminishes me till I am nothing. Every child who dies
Takes a whirling dream from me and leaves me bereft.

How can we do this to them and also to ourselves?
It takes so little to make that great difference.
Caring people and a caring world will not fail the young –
Geoffrey Griffin of Starehe a one man powerhouse for good.

Of course we care, of course we mind, hurtingly and terribly
That children so needlessly die when the wealth we have
Would See doctors, nurses, hospitals, schools, roads
Readily available and accessible to all who need them.

We hurt now with a depression that again hurts our young
30% of the unemployed are all young people
Those with high hearts and ideals and dreams who will make
The future of Australia Felix a gift of glory to the world.

But they need the chance, the jobs that wi11 sustain them
As they discover what there is to do and what is their role
In a sick and weary world that somehow seems to value money
And gross materialism above the loving care that embraces all.

Pam Barrington MBE