Faith and Hope and Charity
upon these three our world is built

Faith that there is good in all mankind
Faith that everything will be for the best.

Hope that there will be changes for the better
Hope above all that this is the worst that can happen.

Charity is the greatest for it is love –
Love endureth all, love suffereth all.

Children who are starving for food and comfort
Would not believe that we have these in abundance
Would not believe that we who profess to love them
Would let them starve and die comfortless.

Their faith is that we will share what we have,
Their faith is steadfast that if we know the facts
Our hearts will be moved, our pride will make us
Offer help and succour to defenceless children.

Children who need the bare necessities for life
Hope that help will not be long delayed
Hope that when we are all informed about them
Moves will be afoot at once to make the changes.

They hope that when the rich world in its haste,
Pauses to look at the nightly television,
That hearts will be touched and help will come.
They hope this is the worst that will ever happen.

Love we say is all embracing and all enduring,
Love makes the world go round and we must love mankind.
This is not only the bits and pieces we can see around
But all the children everywhere who need to live.

There are children in Australia who have crying needs,
For safety, love, comfort, and friendly support
They do not ask for much, so little makes a child happy
Of all your rich abundance will you not spare a trifle?

There is really no excuse that lets a child suffer,
Little, harmless, warm, loving, gentle and helpless
It is not fair that a child should endure hardship
And Suffer the pangs of hunger and unrequited love.

If we believe, and I am convinced that most of us do
In justice, fairness, fairplay and mateship –
Then we cannot sit idly by watching other children languish
And Our children enjoying the blessings of all good things.

Let us be positive in our wishes for all the children –
Find out who is doing something good and get behind them.
Join us at Save the Children Fund and help our teams
Who are trying so hard to help needy little children.

Choose Charles in Somalia or Tony in Thailand;
Pauline in Zambia or Kerrie in Papua New Guinea.
Barbara and Myris also in Papua New Guinea;
Mary Anne McDonald in Dessie, Wollo, Ethiopia.

And at home Jean running local welfare programmes –
Sigrid, Barbara, Tanya, Paulette in Blacktown
Carol, Fiona and Karen in Hebersham and Jeanette;
Judy and Rene in the Big Orange Bus;

And in the country Gillian in Brewarrina;
Robyn in Coffs Harbour; Sue in Dareton,
And a Sue in Lake Cargelligo too ;
Nadine in Goodooga; Wendy in Griffith.

Margarets in Kempsey, Wellington and Taree;
Betty and Helen up there in Walgett.
Whatever their job they do it well and they all
Give grateful thanks to all their staff.

Staff are so good, keen, hardworking and caring,
Rejoicing as the children go from strength to strength.
Happily seeing ‘old boys’ and ‘old girls’ of pre schools
Blossom into bright and happy adolescents and adults.

Thank you for helping and please go on helping
Your money is never wasted. It is used to bring
To so many children faith, hope and charity
Wherever in the wide world it is needed.

Even if cornstalks from New South Wales are not working
in the country that is newsworthy or holds your heart
Be assured that the Fund itself is there with a team
And every one is caring and we all say THANK YOU.