Dedicated to 30 Years of Service by Members of Sutherland Shire Branch of Save the Children Fund

They’re sick and they’re tired and hungry as hell,
Legs covered with ulcers that won’t ever get well.
We see pictures – hear stories – but do we really ken
The hardships they suffer, these children of men.

In 1919, just after the war,
Eglantyne Jebb loathed the horrors she saw.
Crusading in London, she said ‘Let’s get wise
This hardship must stop, we must open our eyes
And do what we can to help nourish and tend’.
And that was the birth of the S. C. F. Fund .
With aid from the Royals, the Queen, Princess Anne,
Fifty countries are involved now in the SCF plan.

To Australia it came, friend Joan was afire
‘We must have a Branch in the Sutherland Shire|’
And so it began here in year 63.
Four joined – then ten more – now hundreds there be.
Committees got busy, street stalls were set up,
With meetings held monthly – ‘Please bring your own cup’.
Great tours and picnics and parties for all,
Funds from Arts Theatre, Betty’s Jewellery stall.
By boat or by train to the hills, to the snow,
Kath’s trips are arranged and we all love to go.

Our helpers are many – Cy, Dorothy, Gwen,
Beryl, Mary, Joan, Rita, Rachel, Margaret, Min,
Charlotte, Dora, Lucy, Lorna, Daphne, Noeline,
Sheila our President, Beth, Linda, Elaine ,
Karla, Edith, Ellen, Leonie, Enid Ford,
And dozens of others all serving their Lord.
They give of their time in their own special nook,
Too many to write here, but they’ll show in God’s book.

We find to this date the dollars we’ve raised
Exceed many thousands , the dear Lord be praised.
This money is passed on·to help succour and teach
All the kids of the world in the countries we reach.
Many children we sponsor, in Papua – Bella Jane,
Afsari from Pakistan her five children to train.
Samten and Lalitha, R. Annandurai,
Kumpati and Boddu under India’s blue sky.
There’s Florence in Uganda, in Turkey – Filiz,
Lesley handles the letters and gives us the news.

It’s not just overseas, but in New South Wales too,
In service at Blacktown the play bus and crew.
Helped by our Fund, for babes special care
In Sutherland’s nursery the humidicrib’s there.
Aboriginal children, those knowing no home,
The abused, the unloved and the kids left to roam,
Come under the shelter of volunteer care
With funds raised so keenly by the SCF here.

Now thirty years later, we’ve gathered today
To congratulate members for concern they display
To the children at home and the children abroad,
Red, yellow, black, white – they’re all Children of God.

Enid Kirton.

Clearly my mother did not write this, however she treasured in the folder so I have reproduced it here as something she treasured.