Blade straight and steel true
Was Davina wife of the Earl.
A lovely English rosebud
Tightly furled and promising beauty.

Twenty years on and Davina, wife of the Earl
Still blade straight and steel true
A glorious English flower
Summer’s wild wide hearted rose.

Great lady, glorious wife, loving mother,
Loyal friend and compassionate woman
Cast in the mould of Godiva
Was Davina, wife of the Earl.

Were kindly Irish George as Leofric
Then glorious indeed would she ride
Davina wife of the Earl,
Heart stirred by the plight of the people.

The crying of the children moved her
But pity was matched with action
And she remedied tragedy for youngsters
Did Davina wife of the Earl.

Child of the wide open grasslands,
Beloved daughter of beloved parents,
Orphaned tragically, courage took over
In Davina wife of the Earl.

Strong passion she matched in return
Love clothed her in loving beauty.
Jewel in his diadem, friend of the Queen
Was Davina wife of the Earl.

To know her is to love her
Blade straight and steel true
Warm, loving, strong and compassionate
Is Davina the wife of the Earl.