On soft and gentle little feet,
The thought of Christmas comes,
Scent of fir trees aromatic –
Little children anticipating fun.

Through that heady month – December,
Mounting excitement, pleasure, glee,
Rustle of paper, squeak of joy –
Secrets kept, secrets told, secrets shared.

Christ’s birthday – and the children’s time,
For they make it such a special time.
Baking, cooking, spices scent
Air as warmly redolent as can be.

In OUR world the children get
Not only what mothers give – love,
But exciting gifts, useful gifts,
Or gifts to turn thoughts to others.

For the other children just another day.
They might wonder from afar at balloons
And streamers. A meal is a gift –
But all children need to be loved.

Pictures show loving mothers
With darling little children loved.
Some I know, all I have met
And love of children is paramount.

Christmas is such a special time
A time to give and hope it was right.
Did you give it because you liked it
Or because of a very special wish.

Giving is not a chore or a ‘have to’,
It is a free and loving offering –
A piece of oneself as well as a gift
Most of the pleasure returns to the giver.

Can we make this Christmas a special one
As special as this whole year has been
Making gifts to children who have little
And fill our hearts with good deeds.

Pam Barrington MBE