May the Lord have mercy on Your soul,
For if not, then I know not who will.
Do they think you a child of a lesser God
As they tread the worn path of complacency?

All men are born equal is the catchcry –
And does it include women and little children –
Helpless children, tiny, defenceless and guileless,
Born in a far country where poverty is king.

They are also born in this fair country –
Born of a dark, and secret race
Pushed out of good land by successive invaders ·
Existing in shanty towns beyond the garbage tip .

Or children with an alien foreign background –
New to this land and all our strange ways.
We don’t really want them, we ca11 them names
And wonder why they do not relate to the digger’s mate.

But given the helping hand of loving concern
They can and they will survive and flourish.
If in surviving the face they show is full of hate –
In their place would your face be full of love?

It is the price exacted for the years of neglect
And unconcern. Let us accept with good grace,
Continue to give, to love and to care for children
Since children are all the future of all humankind.

Bitter is the fruit of which the poor eat,
Sour are the sops that fill the empty belly
While we few live where milk and honey flow
And enjoy a goodly, green and pleasant life.

Enough for all our need, but not our greed.
Oh the butter mountain, wine lake and milk ocean –
Why do you grow and not feed the starving
What profit in owning treasures to rot and corrupt.

We can give money – and what will money buy?
Food, medicine, shelter, education and care.
The skilled sure knowledge of doctor and nurse
Who put their services on the line for children.

A small team of disparate personalities
Determined to live in harmony no matter what-
For heat, filth, flies, disease and death
Would shorten the temper of the most placid.

Placidity is not what is needed but urgency
Filling the heart and as the patient queues grow
Of children needing what is our children’s right –
Eglantyne’s Rights of the Child branded on our souls.

Margaret, Mary Anne, Pauline and Kerrie,
Jennie, Hazel, Helen, Gillian, Jean,
Nadine, Susan, Alan and Betty
Judith, Wendy, Toni, Charles and Karen

These are some names of the caring ones
Who go with love from New South Wales,
To bring hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless
And love to all the Children of the World.

Pam Barrington MBE