A Child of sorrows acquainted with grief –
How can such piteous agony happen
In a world so green, rich and lovely
Where children should be ever happy.

What answer will we give the Man at the Gate
When he points to the ragged, starving children
That we knew of and cared not a jot for –
Did we say they were used to hunger and poverty?

Why were we not moved by their terrible plight,
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying – the tomb is earth,
Mourners the hungry hyena and scavenging vulture.
Oh Christ, the agony of the Children of God.

In a world that is so imbalanced and unfair,
One must fear that soon it will topple too far,
And we shall feel the justified wrath of the have-not –
And who will be our friend and save us then?

We saw it on our small screens – agony and hunger.
Deeply moved we made our donations to ease things.
But droughts leave legacies, famines leave agony
Something is being done but more money is needed – always.

No, your money is not wasted for you have earned it
And given it freely for use in helping children
Who are suffering daily pangs we know not in nightmare –
But always more is needed, for helping cannot stop.

Actually it can cease if you stop making donations,
And retire behind a wall of “don’t want to know about them”.
Please want to know, and please put your hand in your pocket
Children in Mozambique suffer hunger, starvation and then die.

Think about our field staff, working over there in that –
Pauline in Zambia and Mary Anne in Ethiopia, Margaret
With refugees in Somalia, Lesley from the Sudan to Afghans,
Kerrie in Papua and Charles in Somalia and more people needed.

They need to know that we love them and appreciate them;
That we value the work they are doing that we cannot do.
We can give the wherewithal but they give the tenderness
And the skills that make all children our special children.

It is Easter, a time of sorrow and remembering;
A time to be thankful that the only begotten Son
Took the sins of the world on himself and died –
We have a part to play if that is not to be in vain.

So will you join with the girls and young men of SCF
and fight disasters faced daily in the field.
Will you join with fundraisers and administrators
and help us all to go on aiding the suffering children.

Thank you for your caring from the children who do live,
whether it be in one of Africa’s many poor countries,
Central or South America, Australia, or Asia,
and the beloved Ladakh of Robert ffolkes, Easter guest.