It was an accident of birth and it was only by chance
That my lot fell to me not in a stony barren ground
But in a green and pleasant land with freedom to grow –
Pride is not for me, but a humble wonder that it is so.

There indeed but for the Grace of God go I and I query
Why He would be so good to me and so seemingly cruel
To others who just by the accident of birth are dying
And who have no access to hospitals, doctors, education.

If service is the rent we pay for our room on earth
Then let me pay it by serving the least influential
Remembering He knows about the sparrows and thus
Must know about the souls in torment on our Earth

When we are called to account on the Judgement Day,
Can we say we walked by unknowing, when television
Brings to us, in all its horror, night after night,
Starvation, poverty, misery, agony – and finally death.

We can take part. Our duties keep us home but we can
Give so that those who are available can go to aid
The poorest of the poor on earth who need to know we care
Oh people of the lucky world please show your hearts.


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