The hazy, lazy days of summer are passing –
Shimmering heat on outback horizons,
Birds idly happy on green billabongs –
Oh come back my childhood summers to me.

Heat haze and shimmering mirage far off,
Like my well ordered English childhood
Which seems like a mirage to the hungry ones
Who have never had enough and to waste.

As I lie on my back gently dreaming
The zephyr breeze brings the cry of children –
Once again I face harsh fact and reality –
Life for most children is hell’s ante room.

Sure you can teach, train and be willing,
Civilisation’s veneer is markedly thin –
“I care for ME and I want you to know
That that loaf is MY SON’S BREAD , not yours”.

That a man would die for the sins of the world,
That the people might have eternal salvation
is a concept removed and far-fetched
When you know you will never inherit the earth.

Field workers toil in grim situations –
Suffer little children to come unto Me;
As love matches their skills, they bring
Alleviation and sometimes huge successes.

We cannot all go, we cannot all help,
We cannot all teach, but we can all give.
So as Easter comes and we remember
That Christ died for all mankind and children –
Let us do something positive for the innocent.

Pam Barrington MBE