When we look at the map of the world we see the equator;
When first we travel we often look to see that barrier –
It is just one more arbitrary line drawn on paper
Dividing north and south and making the seasons wrong.

In northern climes it is now Spring and the time of burgeoning,
In Australia’s southern latitudes it is the season of Autumn.
Yet we cling to Easter as a time of hope and forgiveness –
Even as the harvest comes home and leaves fall from the trees.

Our children still will enjoy chocolate Easter eggs and rabbits
Maybe think the Easter bunny will come hopping down the trail.
Still we will buy bonnets for Easter and display our new gear
For Autumn racing carnivals start the chill descent to winter.

There are children out there in this great wide world of ours
Who never have enough food to eat, let alone Easter eggs;
They never have enough clothes, let alone new warm garments –
They have little enough of laughter and little indeed of fun.

The mind defeating truth of this is there are so many “THEM”,
They far outnumber the children we have borne and reared.
So for how long can we expect that our children will be princes
When most children are borne to be less than serfs and slaves?

Little children born to hunger, misery and the ills of mankind,
Little children homeless, without hope and no chance to grow,
Little children playing in the dirt with never a toy to own –
Not your child, not my child, but the child of another woman.

There is sorrow, sadness, sickness and all pervading misery.
We make every effort to alleviate these conditions don’t we?
We give donations for nurses and doctors to go tend the sick –
I think we have to scream and yell for justice for all who live.

Because it just is not fair that there is so much for some
And there is often so much less than nothing for the rest.
I feel upon my shoulders and my heart the weight of a weary world
And the sorrow of just one more child will break my heavy heart.

We bring up our children to share with each other and friends.
A selfish greedy child worries every caring mother and father.
So where along the way did we lose the ability to share our lot
With those so less fortunate and so much in need of our love?

Faith, hope and charity and the greatest of these is charity,
For charity which is love will move mountains and do great things.
If we have not charity or love in our hearts for all mankind
Then we are the tinkling cymbal and sounding brass – noisy.

Join us at Easter and help share the good times with the poor,
The weak, the meek, the sad, lonely and the dispossessed.
They are never going to inherit the earth and all it has –
But a share for them of what is there, will make our lives richer too.

Please join with us at Save the Children Fund in this year of Grace.
This season of our annual Easter Appeal when we seek your money,
When a special effort made by us all each and every one
Will really help poor and needy children all over the world.


Pam Barrington MBE