Children children children all kinds and all colours
Children who live in the world that I live and breathe in
Their needs are the same as those of my little children
Love, kindness, shelter, food and a chance for a future.

These things come to us in our settled complacent world
For them there may only be Santa Claus to deliver
And if Santa Claus is just your mum and dad and no miracle
Throwing largesse in through a window, then it is nothing.

When you are little and brown and very very hungry
It’s a great big world out there and it doesn’t know you
Sometimes the kindly ones will smile and help will come
You do go to school, you do get fed, immunised and sheltered.

School is the chance to get out of the rut of utter poverty
To learn skills, to have the chance of a money paying job
To bring hope to the family, to care for brothers and sisters
To have a family one day that is proud and stands firm and free.

What are we doing to ourselves and to the little one
That we care so little that we have it all and they nought
Sheer blinding selfishness and greed has such a fearsome end
And we who sow the wild wind must surely reap the whirlwind.

The caring ones help to redress the balances of imperfection
The generous loving givers of money and of themselves
Make the difference in worlds that are so alien to the elite
And it is the others who make up most of the needy population.

It is when you listen to the field workers, nurses, doctors
And organisers that you appreciate the enormity of the problem
And feel humbled before their ability and willingness to help.
But we can get behind their efforts for integrated health services.

We who are just ourselves and caring make the difference,
A world of hope and love for all the little children as we say –
Happy Christmas to everyone in the whole wide world and may
Every blessing come to you and peace and justice prevail in 1990.


Pam Barrington MBE

The text leads me to conclude this was for Christmas 1989